4 Reasons Eating Outdoors is Good For You

It may be winter, but spring is going to be here sooner than you realize. That means you can get outdoors more. You can take advantage of the warming weather by going hiking, running, playing sports and dining al fresco! If you thought eating outdoors once in a while was just a good idea because it’s a pleasant way to spend your time (and it is), there are actually some real health benefits involved as well. Here are a few reasons to look for outdoor restaurant seating in Sandy Plains, GA.

1. Food is More Delicious

Granted, the deliciousness of food is purely subjective, and it shouldn’t matter whether you eat the same meal indoors or outdoors. However, when dining outdoors, we’re likely to appreciate our surroundings more. When we’re taking in a lovely environment while enjoying a meal, we take the time to pay more attention to what we’re doing. This is known as mindful eating, and contributes to more enjoyment of each meal on its own.

2. Better Concentration

Studies have shown that being outside contributes to our ability to focus. This won’t work if you’re checking your email or social media pages, so put your cell phone and tablet away, and just relax and take in the surroundings. Not only will the food you’re eating taste better, but you can let your mind wander and organize thoughts that you were lacking when you were inside punching away at your computer keyboard.

3. Soak in a Little Vitamin D

To get the vitamin D our body needs, you have to expose your skin to sunlight. Most of our lives, however, we’re told that we need to wear sunscreen and cover up to avoid the sun’s deadly rays, so what can you do? Dining outside is a great way to get just enough healthy ultraviolet radiation. You’re not sunbathing, but neither are you holed up indoors. Outdoor dining is one of those activities that manages to straddle the line between too much sun and not enough.

4. Improved Immune System

Being outside — and slowly enjoying a meal while you’re at it — is an excellent way to relax, thereby reducing stress. Endless studies have shown that a reduction in stress strengthens your immune system so your body can fight off harmful germs.

So the next time you’re scheduling a lunch or dinner out with friends, make reservations for outdoor restaurant seating in Sandy Plains GA not only is it a great way to spend the afternoon, it’s good for you!

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