What is the big deal about car LED bulbs

LED headlights are getting a lot of press, with people raving about the superior experience compared to the dime a dozen halogen bulbs of old. Is there really such a big difference and is it worth a major investment? If you look at consumer videos on YouTube, you can see that the impact is dramatic.

The first thing you will spot is the brightness of the bulb overall. LED Headlights Pro are known for a clear, crisp light and look wonderful on the front end of any car. It is that bit of luxury, even if you have a beat up old truck. However, the most important detail is whether the casement on this truck will manage to project the light from the bulb using the same casement. In fact, the projection of the light seemed to be better in this YouTube videos. The light on a car LED bulb comes from all directions – with a series of diodes throwing of light from around the light and not just from the end, as with a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs are essentially omnidirectional and therefore only a tiny light source. This means the dispersal of light on the road from a car’s LED bulb is better and it was clear that road signs were illuminated so much better.

The car LED bulbs just looks futuristic. It is a stick of light that does not get hot – though the unit behind the bulb does project heat – just to be safe don’t touch this area after tested. There comes what looks like an octopus of cables with the kit but like with all conversion headlight kits of this kind, the sockets should fit in where the old bulbs were taken from.

Unlike HID bulbs, it is easy to purchase LED lights that can be easily dipped to low beam and then lifted to high beam when needed. This means that in fog and other adverse weather conditions the LED headlights can work without glare and without cleansing the eyeballs of oncoming drivers. This has to be a major safety benefit of the LED headlights. It is ok if you are safe as the driver of the car but you want all others to be safe too. There is no point for your visibility to be brilliant – if the oncoming driver is blinded and heading directly towards you! See how this might be a danger to you too?

Probably one of the greatest benefits of LED headlights is that they draw less energy from the car. It is suggested that they consume only 1.4 amps of energy, as opposed to the 5 amps demanded by halogen bulbs. If you have a hybrid car this has to be a huge benefit.

So, all in all, the LED light does deserve the hype – which has to be a first in the world of technology. Although a little more expensive than other kits, these lights will last longer. You are making a massive saving and making the car look pretty good too.

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