Why Your Car Needs Frequent Oil Change Alexandria

It is paramount for every car owner to know the importance of proper car maintenance and understand how to do it. One of the most critical maintenance tips you can do to your car is to have regular oil change Alexandria. The engine is the heart of your vehicle thus you should oil it frequently to avoid it from breaking down. Below are some of the reasons why should frequently change the oil in your vehicles engine.

To lubricate the engine

There is a lot of friction going on in the engine, especially between the piston and the piston walls and thus motor oil is used in order to keep them from directly rubbing against each other because oil consists of large chains of hydrocarbons that attaches to the piston and piston walls to avoid the friction. You should frequently change the oil because the heat produced in the engine eventually breaks down those hydrocarbon chains thus offering little protection against friction leading to destruction of the engine.Image result for 5 Reasons Why Your Car Needs Frequent Oil Change Alexandria

To prevent sludge build up

When your car is in motion, it tends to pick up particles from outside such as dust and other oil contaminants. When these contaminants mix together with oil, they form sludge, which tends to stick to the motor parts thus causing the engine to wear. When you regularly change the oil from your vehicle, you will prevent contaminants from forming the sludge.

To check oil level

This is a key benefit for doing oil change. As a car owner, you should check your vehicle’s oil gauge regularly in order to look at the oil level. However, many people tend to forget this, especially if their vehicle’s dashboard doesn’t have a low level oil indicator. If oil levels fall beyond their required limit, your engine might be facing some serious damages.

To prevent accumulated moisture

This is another key reason for changing your vehicle’s oil on a regular basis. When moisture accumulates and then condenses, it tends to become a contaminant that can cause damage to your engine. Vehicles that stay parked or make small trips are more likely to suffer condensation build up thus changing oil should be done more often.

To replace the oil filter

The oil filter is responsible for filtering and helping reduce the various contaminants that gather to eventually form sludge. However, in due time, these contaminants also accumulate in the oil filter and hinder it from performing it’s duty efficiently. When you change oil, you will most likely have to change the oil filter, which in essence goes a long way to saving you on incurring repair costs that you could have avoided in the first place.

Your car is an investment you most likely wouldn’t want to see go to waste, therefore, the above reasons for oil change Alexandria can be very beneficial to the maintenance of your car. If you treat your car with the care it deserves, then it might even surpass it’s expected life span.

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