How to Create a Good Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation?

As we all know that environmental issues are becoming a matter of concern. Due to this, people are trying to incorporate environment friendly techniques in using goods and services. In this regard, environmental-friendly wedding invitation cards are also getting popular.

If you try incorporating environmental friendly techniques while selecting wedding invitation cards, it can be a great idea. Following guide will brief you some ideas to create eco-friendly wedding invitation.

Tips to Create Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

  • Go for Recycled Paper

You can use high recycled paper made from fiber like bamboo or hemp to create designer wedding invitation cards. Using 1 ton of recycled paper saves around 6000 gallons of water and 17 trees. Hence, using recycled paper can be a great way to create designer wedding invitations. Rustic chic wedding invitations is one such company which designs and sells wedding invitations made from recycled paper.

  • Create A Free Website

As and when your marriage gets finalized, start working towards creating a wedding website. You can create your e-wedding invitation on such website. This is not only cost-effective, but an eco-friendly idea to create wedding invitation. Moreover, it will save you from placing orders again and again, which usually happens if you order fewer invitations by mistake.

Creating a website at once will save you from this problem and you can send further invitations to as many people you desire. All you require is to share the website link with them and it’s done. It is one of the best paper-free ways to send wedding invitations.

  • Consolidate Events in One Card

In most of the cases, there are multiple events in a wedding. Therefore, try to include all the events in one card and send a consolidated wedding invitation. Moreover, there’ re various details, which you might want to convey the guests, hence, make sure that instead of adding numerous cards in an invite, combine everything in one card.

  • Use E-Invitations

Using e-invitations can be a great environmental friendly way to send wedding invitation. You can send e-mails to your friends for rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch and bachelorette party. There won’t be any bar on the information that you can include in e-mail invitation.

Moreover, you will be saved from the cost of getting wedding invitations printed for each event. Not only that this method is cost-efficient, but is also time-saving. You will be saved from tension of creating invitations for each event. Instead, you can use your time to focus on other important things such as finalizing the wedding hall, wedding dress, food, music and other things.

  • Find Printing Alternatives

Though large printers have traditional printing methods, however you can still enquire if there are options for vegetable-based or soy inks. This may require you to spend some time in searching for a vendor having eco-friendly technology. However, in the end the wedding invitations which you’ll get will be different from what others have ever sent to their guests.


Hope this guide will help you to create a great eco-friendly wedding invitation.

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