Find an Emergency Plumber before You Need One

Most homeowners have had a plumbing emergency at some point in their lives. When pipes clog or burst, all you care about is getting it fixed quickly and restoring safety and well-being to your family. Later, you realize the plumber overcharged you or didn’t do the work properly, but in your haste to fix the problem, you didn’t question his credentials. The way to solve the problem for future mishaps, and you know there will be some, is to do a thorough background check on an emergency plumber before you need one. Grab the Yellow Pages and start with the ads there, looking for very specific things. Here are some industry standards to apply when searching for emergency plumbers in Marietta.

Industry Standards

You want to zero in on a company that not only offers 24/7 service, but you want to make certain the company is reliable and certified to perform both installation and repairs on all types of plumbing, from drains to toilets to water heaters. Additional consideration should be given to other items in the home that use water, such as laundry facilities, dishwashers, ice cube makers and water from the refrigerator. You also want a company who employs skilled craftsmen who are up to date on their training, and who can get your home back to normal in the least amount of time. Courtesy and efficiency should be a hallmark of the company and its employees. Proper cleanup after the project is finished should be expected, as well as a check of all plumbing in the home at each visit.

How to Find a Good Plumber

Start by asking your neighbors for names of reliable companies they’ve used, but don’t stop there. Go to those company websites and read the backgrounds of each. Family owned businesses, and those who have been in business for years are good markers, as are the companies who tout their staff of professional, licensed and bonded plumbers. From there, you should check out reviews on other sites, such as Angie’s List or HomePro to get a truly accurate picture of the company. You want a company that not only can install a new plumbing feature in your home, but one who will be there to maintain it for years to come. Only when you’ve properly vetted the company should you put them on speed dial. These are all points to consider when selecting emergency plumbers in Marietta and the surrounding areas.

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