Get to Know the Common Household Pests and Ways to Control Them

Household pests running around are a big nuisance because they can sting, bite, or transmit disease. Many cause structural damage to the home that can affect its resale value. Pests are found anywhere around the world but you need to learn how to keep them away.

In the US, bug sprays are regularly used but are not the proper way of handling this issue. Some of the bug sprays include illegal ingredients and contain chemicals, which can cause skin blisters, rashes or irritation to your mucous membrane.

Therefore, you need to consider organic pest control measures but first identify the pest before calling the Mountain Home, ID pest control service. Getting to know the issue is first step to find healthy solution. As soon as the pest gets identified determine factors that can restrain its potential to reproduce or thrive.

For example, food, water, and shelter are the basic necessities for all kinds of pests. Controlling a couple of these necessities can affect the quantity of existing pests significantly. Combine it with organic preventive measures to experience long lasting and significant impact.


Ants can make nest in walls, stumps, lawns, and foundation. They make way indoors through minute cracks in search of food and water, especially in pantry or kitchen.

Preventative measures

  • Store food and waste in sealed containers
  • Clean kitchen surface
  • Empty trash daily
  • Seal crevices and cracks around foundation
  • Dust non-toxic ant spray or spread organic pest-killer granules
  • Locate the mound and terminate the colony


Homes in the US have German cockroaches with 2 antennas, 6 legs and wings. They contaminate food, carry bacteria, and damage fabric and paper. Bacteria they spread has the potential to cause diarrhea, food poisoning, intestinal problems and dysentery.

How to control?

  • Reduce pest hiding spots
  • Along baseboards behind refrigerator, near water pipes, and in bathrooms place glue traps
  • Boric powder dusted in cracks and crevices or other hiding places can help to destroy the roches
  • Use many traps to get an idea of the pest infestation level. Give priority to regions, where highest number get trapped


Termites eat away the wood consistently and cause $5 billion property damage every year in the US. You feel frustrated as they progress damaging undetected. The outer surface is left intact and only the inside gets eaten away. Obviously, termite extermination process is crucial. It is wise to call the professional termite exterminators to do the task.

Bed bugs

Bed books look like minute apple seeds. They are reddish brown oval shaped insects. Bed bugs feed on blood, so they get active at night when people sleep. Bites are painless but can be itchy making you feel irritated. As preventative measures always wash your linens, if you detect them then trying to eliminate them totally is difficult on your own. A couple of bed bugs can be missed causing re-infestation. Call the experts because they use tools to track the origin of bed bugs and exterminate it.


Fleas are wingless insects, reddish brown in color. They legs are designed to jump long distances. They feed on animal and human blood. Fleas carry parasites including tapeworms, which is bad news. Fleas even feed on animal blood. This means if they bite an infected animal with blood borne disease then it gets transmitted to whomever they bite. Just like bed bugs, fleas are hard to exterminate on your own. Flea control exterminators are to be called for getting rid of them efficiently.

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