How to Choose Right Fish Tank Filter?

Nowadays many people like to have aquarium at their home or office and take care of fish like any pets. However, for the proper care, it is necessary that fishes need to be fed properly and also clean the mess created by fishes.

In order to maintain clean fish aquarium, it is necessary that you use right kind of fish tank filter so that the water can be regularly maintained clean.

You can get many different kinds of filters from Fish Tank Focus and before we discuss about them, first let us briefly try to understand about the function of the filter. Any filter that you use has 3 different functions:

  1. Biological function

As fish breathes, they will discharge ammonia from their gills. These are little toxic and by using this filter, such toxicity has to be removed so that fish can survive.

  1. Mechanical function

Debris get collected inside the tank due to dust and the foodstuff that you feed to fishes. The purpose of the filter is to clean water from such debris.

  1. Chemical function

Water that you get from the tap may have many other contaminations that may harm your fishes too. The filter is therefore used for purifying the water and get rid of unwanted chemicals.

Let us discuss about some of the top fish tank filters available in the market and try to understand their pros and cons, so that we can select suitable filter for the aquarium that we have.

Following are few best tank filters:

  1. Fluval tank filter

This kind of filter can be used for all size of tanks and any kind of water. With its powerful motor, it is possible to maintain the water clean.


  1. It has instant start option
  2. It can be easily locked with its clamp and operation is fairly easier.
  3. There is a selection facility for “quite mode” is available and if you want you can maintain a silent aquarium.


These filters may be little costlier than any other filters.

  1. Penn plax cascade filter

These filters too can be used for all kinds of waters and considered as the best available in the market. It can handle any size of the tank and needs some maintenance.


  1. You need not replace it too often.
  2. Durable materials are used to ensure its longevity
  3. It can be easily set and does not take much longer.


This type of filter is a bit noisy and if that does not bother you then it can be suitable filter for your aquarium.

  1. Fluval Fx6 tank filter

This filter gets activated as soon as the cannister is filled up. The valve also can empty the cannister to maintain smooth process.


  1. At its intake, a fine screen is provided to prevent debris
  2. Does not produce any sound
  3. Because of its nozzle purified and clean water is sprayed.


Its giant sponge cannot get rid of undesirable bacteria

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