Learn More about Sinus Headache and Simple Remedies to Cure It

Most often when you experience severe cold and mild headache, it is due to sinus. It happens when mucus fills up in the cavities. In medical terms it is known as Rhinosinusitis. Generally, you will experience swelling and pain in cheekbones, forehead and behind the nose bridge. The pain remains constant till it is treated for sinus.

Causes of Sinus headache:

  • It mostly occurs because of mucus formation.
  • It happens due to viral infection on the upper respiratory system.
  • It may be due to family history of enduring migraine headaches.
  • Due to hormonal changes triggering migraine headache.
  • Due to effects of infection triggering cold.
  • It often troubles people suffering from asthma or allergic to particular food material.

Sinus headache gets worse when you bend forward or move your head. You can realise the pain more when you lie down. While you get up in the morning the pain is in excess, however as the day time passes the pain becomes less as there is considerable reduction in formation of mucus.

Symptoms of sinus headache –

  • Swelling in face especially area around cheeks. Hence, you feel the pressure on cheeks.
  • You have facial pain lasting for days till it gets treated.
  • Experience stuffy nose. Thus, unable to smell anything. You may even notice discoloured nasal discharge.
  • Feeling fatigue the whole time.
  • You have a slight pain above your upper teeth.

Often sinus headache is mistaken to be migraine. This is because the symptoms of both these conditions are similar.  The only difference is the causes and in migraine headache the person will feel nauseous. Migraine headache occurs more frequently compared to sinus headache. Moreover, the duration of headache due to sinus continues till the person gets treated for sinus. Migraine lasts for few hours or for a day.

To get rid of the sinus pain, one of the foremost needs is to reduce the pressure of mucus, thus you need to increase the flow of mucus. There are various home remedies that help you to get rid of the pain however if the pain persists for days, you need to consult a doctor.

Treatments available to cure headaches caused due to sinus:

  • You get numerous medicines from the pharmaceutical stores, however before buying medicines as advised by the pharmacist consult your general physician.
  • Pain is diminished when you take antibiotics for the bacterial infection that triggers the sinus health issues.
  • You can take hot compress to be placed on cheeks, forehead and nasal area to reduce the blockage of mucus. You can even inhale steam to clear the nasal cavities and even the facial swelling reduces to great extent.
  • Drink a lot of fluids like warm water, hot tea, hot coffee or any other hot beverages
  • Nasal spray will help in clearing the nasal area to help in getting adequate rest.
  • Pain is reduced if taken hot water bath by adding eucalyptus oil in water.

For chronic sinusitis, it is recommended to consult a physician for treatment.

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