How to Make Your Flooring Last Longer

Flooring can be one of the most important parts of your home décor. You walk across your flooring every day, so it needs to feel good under your feet as well as being durable, easy to clean and long lasting.

Also, the right flooring is all of these things while also being beautiful and blending seamlessly with your interior design. When you find the right flooring that ticks all of the boxes and is perfect for your home – and you have invested a good amount of money into installing it – you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

Taking good care of your flooring will ensure that it will last and look its best for many years. This is true for any type of flooring in North Wales, no matter what the material. Here are some very important tips that you should know which will keep your flooring from aging prematurely.3

Tips for Making Flooring Last Longer

One of the best things you can do to keep your floors looking new is to take off your shoes at the door. This little habit will help to keep dirt off of your floors from the outside. If your feet get cold you can always have cosy slippers that you wear around your house!

Vacuum and mop your floors as often as possible. When you have dirty floors the dirt can get ground into the floor and will cause damage – no matter what material your floors are made of. The small particles of dust and dirt will act as abrasives whenever someone drags them across the floor with their feet.

If something spills on the floor, clean it up as soon as possible. Use plain water to clean the floor and change it as soon as it becomes cloudy. Take the time to make sure that you are using the right cleaner for your type of floor.

If you have a marble floor, avoid using any acidic type of cleaner such as those that are vinegar based. It will eat into the marble and etch it. Also, strong alkaline cleaners such as baking soda will break down the marble and leave it feeling rough.

If you have vinyl flooring, the best way to clean it is to sweep it or vacuum it on a regular basis so that the dirt will not have a change to get ground in.3

Keep the nails of your furry friend trimmed so that they will not scratch the floor. Dogs and cats can cause damage to the floor just by walking around with their claws.

A throw rug is an excellent and stylish way to protect your floors from damage. You can use the throw rug in the centre of the room where most of the traffic is, or under a table or seating area. When the throw rug gets dirty you can just pick it up and wash it, which is much easier than cleaning the floor.

Your furniture can actually cause quite a bit of wear and tear on your floor, as it is heavy and it can lead to dents in carpet or indentations if your floor is wood. Also, the placement of the furniture will dictate where people walk, so this can affect the traffic patterns on the floor. Rearrange your furniture from time to time to even out this wear and tear.

When the sunlight shines directly on one spot on the floor for many years, this can fade out that spot. Use an area rug or rearrange the furniture periodically to protect your floor.

If your flooring has grout, it is important to keep the grout maintained. Use a grout sealer on a regular basis to protect it from stains and water.

These are just a few important things that you should know when it comes to protecting your flooring and ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. Check with your local expert on builders supplies in North Wales for specific tips related to the type of flooring that you have. With the right care, your floors will look beautiful and you will be able to enjoy them for many years.

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