Do You Need To Employ a Drunken Driving Lawyer For Your Case?

You made a mistake, and now you want to make things okay. You have the thoughts of taking yourself to court, this is a big mistake. Why? While you want justice and amends made, you do not also want to be treated like a second-class citizen. You have rights like the accused. Employ a Conyers drunk driving lawyer.

Many people lack the experience needed to speak to the judge, prosecutor, or jury. This is the reason as to why it is wise to allow the drunken defense lawyer to handle the case. The lawyer specializing in these cases understands law more than you do. They know the details and their experience and will save you so much trouble when you are not guilty. Nevertheless, people always have several misconceptions about lawyers and drunken driving lawyers are not an exception.

Laws of drunk driving have changed

The tradition used to be that employing Conyers drunk driving lawyer would result in the ability to get fewer charges, pay the fine, and get back on the road. This is not the case now because all states have passed the per se laws. They prevent you from bargaining for a plea. If the levels of blood alcohol are above normal, you automatically become guilty of DUI. The police need the breathalyzer to convict you. The hearing in the court serves as a formality,

Your license will get suspended

The license will certainly get revoked. There is a law that suspends licenses in forty-one states which bypasses the requirement for the judge to convict and then revoke the license. Officials of law enforcement can then confiscate and suspend the license immediately when you fail the field sobriety test. Refusal to take the test indicates that the license gets revoked immediately. Laws are harsh and allow the license to be suspended as a sanction from the administration. This happens even before getting to court.

The BAC level is vital

The blood alcohol level is the alcohol amount in the blood at any time. In case the police pull you and run the test, and the level is beyond normal, then it is over.

Were there aggravating circumstances?

As if drunk driving was not bad enough, the court might increase the sentence if you have a history of the same offense, if there was property damage, if someone got injured, or if a child got injured. In case there were aggravating circumstances, Conyers drunk driving lawyer will have the ability to mitigate your damage.

What will the attorney do for you?

In case you are innocent, a good drunken driving lawyer will have the ability to get charges dropped. Nonetheless, if you failed the sobriety test as a result of being drunk, the lawyer will help you get ready for court proceedings. He will assist you to get the right documentation like insurance and SR-22.

Finally, the attorney will have to help you complete the alcohol treatment and education program needed by the state to regain driving privileges. The attorney cannot get a reduced sentence but will help you in the process to reestablish your life. He will help you establish a better life.

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