Picking a Painting Contractor

Time to Paint

The craziness of summer has finally wound-down to a dull roar. Suddenly all the reasons you didn’t want to hire a contractor to paint your home’s interior have faded away. Instead of kids running in and out all day, they are in school. Instead of worrying about adding even more humidity to the air, the cool breezes of autumn have arrived. Your family vacation was a hoot, but you wanted to be home in case any odd situation arose. It’s time to flip-on the computer or crack the cover of the yellow pages and find an interior painting contractor near Kennesaw.

Three Times Is the Charm

Your anxious to get the job rolling and your first estimate looks good. The best part about the first estimate is that you have a good start. The second estimate may be close to the first or a mile away. If the numbers are too far off there must be a reason. The third estimate should settle things once and for all. Ask the contractor many questions. If a contractor is evasive while answering your questions you are looking at a bright, red flag. Feel free to get more estimates if you so desire, but three should weed-out any unscrupulous interior painting contractors near Kennesaw.


For interior painting near Kennesaw, GA, ask for references. The job for which you are about to hire is most likely not going to be inexpensive. A good and reputable painter takes great pride in his or her work, and usually isn’t shy about displaying their pride with a well-done job. Also, keep in-mind that once everything is painted, furniture is moved back into place, and pictures re-hung, it is a major job to remove and cover everything again for re-work. You are looking for a contractor who will get the job done right the first time, on time, and on budget. When checking references, stress these points and also inquire to the cleanliness of the jobsite during and after the work is completed.

The Little Things

If your painter pulled-up to your home with ladders tied to the roof of a car that doesn’t have a roof-rack, you might want to inquire as to his situation. Showing-up in painter whites at the end of a work day is acceptable but being filthy first thing in the morning might be a red flag. Reputable interior painting contractors near Kennesaw won’t ask for half down, most won’t ask for money until you are satisfied with at least part of their work, depending on the size of the job.

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