Things to Consider Before Submitting Special Request to An Escort

Clients are well aware that their rampant fantasies will certainly not be able to be satisfied by their partners…. ever, so they hire an escort with an aim to delve deep in their desires. According to escorts the requests they receive can range from acceptable to reasonably bizarre to IMPOSSIBLE.

As a customer, first it is good to recognize if your fantasies are sound can be materialized or not. There are several things to consider before submitting a special request in front of service escort in Paris.

Formulate the request precisely

Even if you believe that the request is not overly byzantine but can involve things that you need to put some effort into for making it work accurately. Anything beyond normal session will include extra effort for pulling it off. Some are easier but everyone demands some work and attention.

When you submit special request then remember provider will need to consider the time needed to make it work, prior accepting or declining. For example, if you desire exotic dancers to engage in Jell-O during a party gig then there is lots of time and work involved to make it work.

Simple request is not that simple

Generally, clients expect that the escorts use their imagination and perform something new, exhilarating and exciting. If particulars are not included and asked for something ‘different’ the escort will have to do some brainstorming. For example, to deliver role play experience there will be need to look for costumes [hard to find] and look for something appropriate online or get creative.

In case, you included a simple request like baby oil wresting then she will need to find ways of setting this in least messy way. Therefore, for her a simple request is not that simple because she needs to use her imagination for creating an enjoyable and functional experience.

Can involve physical considerations

Some fetish engagements leave physical marks, which pronounce what was involved like using nipple clamps or spanking. If client submits this request then he needs to remember that his partner might see these consequences on his body.

Alternatively, if he wishes to impose these on the escort then she will need to conceal it from other clients. Some intimate substances used may aggravate the sensitive area. A body paint can trigger body rash, in case one is allergic. Such effects need to be considered by both before indulging and spoiling the encounter.

Consider cleanup

Request that involves paint, food, oil, water sports are messy and the escort is stuck with the cleanup. She makes a lot of effort to confine messy activities in an easy to clean region but can go beyond control, at times.

If it is an incall encounter then she has to be certain of cleaning the mess prior her other client arrives. It affects her schedule. In case, you used a hotel room then you will be charged for the mess as well as have to clean it up. Clean ups may have a significant impact on your special request.

Transport of crazy props is a drag. You may be flagged as timewaster and in future get declined easily. Therefore, before submitting special request consider the above aspects.

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