The Top Wall Plate Styles That Homeowners Should Try

Attractive wall plates actually make a huge difference in any room. Like filling a blank wall, you’ll be surprised how much of an improvement good new wall plates can be, and then you’ll wonder why you took so long to upgrade them. Boring, plain wall plates in off-white or near-yellow are far too common, and do little for the room they occupy. However, if you upgrade to one of the following styles, you’ll improve the pleasing decorative style and theme of any room. Visit wall plates manufacturers online to find styles like these.

  • Chrome: Cool, modern, and masculine, chrome wall plates make every wall switch look a little more high-tech and interesting. With a slight reflectivity and smooth sheen, chrome is a great choice for contemporary homes.
  • Copper: The naturally warm and alluring color of copper makes every wall switch look like an integral part of any room. This is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms that have other copper features, like drawer pulls and faucets.
  • Ceramic: Homey and comforting, a ceramic surface can balance a room with too many fabric and wood surfaces. The earthy texture of a ceramic wall plate will draw the eye and look far more interesting than a plain, plastic plate.
  • Stone: A great selection for bathrooms and kitchens, wall plates suppliers now offer a wide selection of products that look like real slabs of stone to help you match your countertops and backsplash.
  • Wood: Wood wall plates are a classic rustic feature, and help give a natural vibe to any home. Every vacation home or cabin should have wood wall plates to improve its outdoorsy theme.
  • Nickel: Slightly warmer and more matte than chrome, brushed nickel is a current and stylish feature that makes every room look a little more cutting-edge. This is a must for any style of home that wants to embrace the latest interior design trends.
  • Brass: Give your home a touch of brilliant gold with brass fixtures, hardware, and wall plates. Brass is a warmer and more elegant alternative to stainless steel surfaces. Wall plates manufacturers recommend brass for dining rooms and formal seating rooms.
  • Black: A great contrast for minimal rooms, black wall plates give every wall an artistic touch, with just the finest and most finessed details deserving attention. Add a black wall plate to a bright room for balance.

These are just some of the many designs you can find if you visit wall plates manufacturers online. Browse a wide selection to find the beautifully appointed pieces that are just right for your home.

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