What Are the Different Types of Hearing Aids Available in The Market?

If you are experiencing hearing loss and thinking of getting a good one, then you have a lot of options available in the market. You will find hearing aids in various sizes and shapes for different levels of hearing loss. An audiologist will help you in finding the most appropriate type for hearing loss and requirements.

NHS hearing aid

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in the U.S. state of Arizona. Hearing aids Phoenix AZ provides “NHS hearing aids” that rests behind the ear. These hearing aids send sound signals into your ears in any of the 3 ways:

  • With the help of a flexible and clear tube that gets connected to an ear mold. It gets fitted inside the ear.
  • With the help of a thin and clear tube that is connected to a soft and small tip sitting inside the ear canal. This is called as an open ear fitting. It is far better than the above method as it blocks your ear less than an ear mold. It is not just less recognizable but also produce more natural sound. You can use it only if your hearing loss is moderate or mild. If you have any kind of recurring ear infection then it will not be usable.
  • With the help of a wire that runs from a hearing aid to a small loudspeaker located in the ear with the help of a soft tip. Like “open ear fittings”, these hearing aids are not at all appropriate for all types of hearing loss. They are inappropriate if you have come across frequent ear infection or sight loss.

In-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing aids

These types of hearing aids have working parts located inside the ear mold. This makes the entire aid fit easily into your ear. You can get this hearing aid in varying strengths and sizes. Though they are smaller in size but can be seen in the ear. They easily fit inside the ear canal.

If you are suffering from severe hearing loss, very small sized ear canals or recurring ear infection then ITC hearing aid will not be right choice for you. If you experience trouble by using tiny control then these hearing aids may not be the right choice as they come along with a remote control.


This type of hearing aid fit completely inside the ear canal as compared to ITC aids. They are very less visible. Only if a person closely looks at your ear, they can come to know about it. As these aids are so small, it is less likely to have features for example “
a hearing loop setting”. This is because of their small size to bear this technology. Such kind of hearing aids is not available from the NHS.


Hearing aids are one of the best supports to all those who experience trouble in hearing voices and sounds. To help you with this problem, an audiologist will assist you to decide the best kind of hearing aid for you.

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